Swimming, lifesaving, lifeguarding, first aid, boating safety, instructor and instructor trainer programs. We train over 1 million Canadians each year.More about training
Water Smart® messages for those involved in unsupervised activities in, on and around water. We focus our prevention efforts on those most at risk.

More about public education
Working through the Drowning Prevention Research Centre to produce reports on drownings in Canada. We align our prevention activities with the results.More about research
Safety audits and consulting for aquatic facilities, national safety standards and expert testimony. We help keep pools and waterfronts safe.More about safety management
Helping competitors keep fit and develop better lifesaving and lifeguarding skills. We are the Canadian governing body for lifesaving sport.More about lifesaving sport
The Lifesaving Society is represented in every province and territory. Find your Branch to see the programs, services and products offered in your community.Find Your Branch
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