Martin Leprohon
Sport Commissioner
Martin initially got involved in lifesaving sport as an athlete in 1994. After competing in technical competitions nationally until 1999, he relocated to Australia where he earned his Bronze Medallion with the Maroochydore S.L.S.C. before competing at the Rescue 2000 World Lifesaving Championships in Australia, in 2002 in Daytona Beach and in 2006 in Lorne, Australia. While living overseas, he was a member of the South Melbourne L.S.C. in Australia (2005-08) as well as the Mairangi Bay S.L.S.C. in New Zealand (2011-12). He was High Performance Manager from 2008 to 2016 and is now Sport Commissioner.
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Nathalie Vallières
Nathalie first participated in a 2-person lifeguard competition many moons ago. Fast forward to the late 90’s and she found her niche in organizing regional competitions. She managed regional, university and provincial championships for many years and her passion for Lifesaving Sport extended to managing Masters and National teams. She is an active official both at a National and International level and balances her passion for drowning prevention and Lifesaving Sport in her role as Research Chair for the Ontario Lifesaving Society. Outside of Lifesaving Sport, she is a social entrepreneur and leads several networking platforms. She is happiest when she gets to spend time with her family and travelling.
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Lisa Hanson Ouellette
Technical Services
Lisa fell in love with lifesaving sport while training for NLS in 1989. She competed for the first time in the NBPLC in 2001. Lisa sees the incredibly high value that lifesaving sport offers to athletes of all ages including opportunities to further develop lifesaving skills, fitness, communication, and teamwork at home and abroad. A strong leader with more than 16 years of management experience, 18 years in the recreation (aquatic) industry and 13 years conducting research, Lisa currently works as a private research consultant specializing in program evaluation, performance measurement, and management consulting. Since 2009, she has focused on helping recreational and aquatics facilities improve cost-effectiveness and efficiency while increasing program services and delivery. Lisa also shares her research and grant writing skills as a volunteer locally, regionally, provincially and nationally, including managing the Technical Services portfolio and chairing the Technical Services Committee with members from across Canada. For more information on Lisa contact her directly via email at or phone/text via (506) 292-2859.
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Emily Verreault
High Performance
Emily was born and raised in Ottawa, where she became a lifeguard and started competing in lifeguard and lifesaving competitions in 2006. From 2011 to 2016 she was National Team member and competed in two World Championships and three other international championships, specializing in beach sprint and beach flags. Emily served as the Canadian Athlete Representative from 2014 to 2016. She was the Youth Team Manager at the 2016 Lifesaving World Championships. She continues to promote high performance lifesaving sport in Canada and volunteers as the High Performance Manager on the National Sport Commission.
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Alexandra Ferguson
Canadian Athlete Representative
Ali became involved in Lifesaving Sport at age 8 when her parents brought her to her first junior lifeguard competition. Although she had been involved in many other sports before this, she found lifesaving to be unique. She knew from a young age that she would continue to be involved in lifesaving sport in some capacity. The best part of lifesaving sport for her, is the social aspect; Most of her closest friends are also her team mates. The variety is another reason why she loves lifesaving; the number of different disciplines that are involved is amazing. She’s always enjoyed training for multiple specialities. Outside of lifesaving, she works full-time as a teacher for a conservation authority. You'll usually find her out in the forest, or (if it's warm enough) out on the water.
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Perry Smith
ILS Representative
Perry Smith began competing for the Oakville Aquatics Lifeguard Team in 1974. After several of years of competing and while working for Mississauga, he began to Coach and Officiate at both Pool and Waterfront Competitions. Soon after becoming the Brampton Aquatics Coordinator, Perry made a comeback competing for the Ontario Lifeguard Team at Rescue 88 hosted in Australia. Perry won a Gold Medal in the SERC event with his team mates, Steve Elliott, Sue Green, and John McIntyre. Perry competed for the St. Laurent Masters Team in 2008 and won a Bronze Medal in Line Throw and a Silver Medal in 100m Tow with Fins. Perry has worked for the Lifesaving Society Ontario Branch since 1999 and has continued to officiate at the last 8 consecutive World Lifesaving Championships from 2000-2016. Perry was appointed to the International Life Saving Sport Commission in 2006. Since then he has lead the development of the Lifesaving Competition Rule Book and World Lifesaving Championship Handbook. He is a member of the Canadian Sport Commission.
Desiree Jansen
Desiree Janzen got into Lifesaving Sport in 2005. She was looking for a new program to run at her facility and had seen the Junior Lifeguard Club program. Ever since then it has been history. She absolutely loves the program and what it can bring to facilities. She loves that the program can be tailored to what the needs of the community are and what the participants want. She loves the diversity of Lifesaving Sport. It is so much more than just swimming!! Outside of coaching Lifesaving Sport, she has 2 beautiful daughters who love the sport of Ringette so she spends a lot of my time in rinks throughout the winter months. As a family they all love to downhill ski in the winter if a weekend allows for it! In the summer months they enjoy going camping!
Wendy Mahony
Support Services
Her first experience with ‘lifeguard competitions’ was sometime in the 1970s when she scored the first Ontario Waterfront Championship using calculators, pencils, paper and several friends who liked math. In the 1990s, Junior Lifeguard Games were held in August and the timing coincided with the time she spent at the cottage with her kids. They practiced throwing accuracy in the driveway and put slings on Granny who was there with them. The kids enlisted their swim club friends who came in a variety of shapes, sizes and skill levels. What was immediately apparent was that kids who were not star swimmers could find a niche in lifesaving sport and succeed. Sport teaches many life lessons: winning and losing … gracefully; hard work pays off; scheduling your time; goal setting; team building. Lifesaving sport adds another dimension to that – the humanitarian base of being a lifesaver first.
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Rebecca Boyd
Event Management
Rebecca had always been a water lover and could be found in any and all courses or programs related to being in, on and under the water. She fell into Lifesaving Sport in the 1990’s as an official at regional and provincial events after a very brief (one event!) stint as a competitor. However the passion for our sport was ignited fully at the 2001 Moose Meet where Canada leapt into the “new” version of lifesaving sport. Currently the Aquatics and Risk Management Coordinator at the University of Waterloo, she has managed the Ontario University Lifeguard Championships for more than 20 years and run regular and numerous regional training events and competitions such as the All-Women’s Camp, Oktoberfest, and number of Jr. regional events. As an official, Rebecca is active with regional, national and international events. Rebecca contributes her experiences on the Sport Commission in the Events Management portfolio (2008-present) and a member of the ILS Sport Commission for two terms (2008-2016; currently co-opted). The value of our sport, linking drowning prevention efforts with sport so even more people can hear our message is an opportunity not to be missed and in the past decades, Rebecca has worked to promote the Society’s mission at every opportunity, even involving her two children as athletes and officials.
Laura Tracey
Athlete Development Chair
Laura started competing in lifeguard competitions and lifesaving sport in 1999 with the Thunder Bay Lifeguard Club. She found her place with coaching and managing the club until she moved down to Southern Ontario where she teamed up with the Ottawa Valley Lifesaving Club in 2008 in competition and as the Lifeguard and Lifesaving Chair for the club. She organized regional competitions and in 2011 was asked to manage a Canadian Rep team at the International Surf Rescue Challenge in New Zealand. Since then she has been Team Manager for several International competition with Team Canada. Most recently she accepted the position of Athlete Development Chair to help young lifesaving athletes in Canada on their path to the international competition stage.