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Days 3 and 4 prove to be a success for our Canadian Athletes at RESCUE 2016!


Masters & Open SERC

The last day of the Masters championships consisted mostly of relays in much quieter conditions compared to the day before. The stakes were high for the Ottawa Lifesaving Club who had led the medal board throughout the competition.  But thanks to a 4 gold medal haul by the women, Ottawa managed to finish the competition on top, earning a total of 31 medals, including 13 gold medals.

Wies Smits (Wasaga Beach) earned her second bronze medal of these championships in the 70+ category in the 1km beach run.  Guys won a bronze medal thanks to an inspiring performance by Frédérick Fortin (Ottawa LSC) in the 35-39 Beach Flags event.

While our Masters will now be able to enjoy the wonderful unseasonal weather in Noordwijk, today was the start of National Team championships at the Pool with the Simulated Emergency Response Care. The team composed of Ali Ferguson, Mackenzie Salmon, James Verreault and Scott Southwood earned a 4th place, behind France, Japan and Spain improving on our result from Rescue 2014.

Wednesday, Open athletes are at the pool while the Youth team will be at the beach. Stay tuned for real-time updates.


DAY 3 – Masters Surf Results

Surf Ski


Caroline PIERRE Ottawa LSC


Andrew CROOK Fish Hoek Lifesaving Club


Betsy SIMPSON Ottawa LSC
Andy SHELP Ottawa LSC


Doug BISHOP Ottawa LSC


Surf Race


Michael HUNDT Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club


Frederick FORTIN Ottawa LSC

Caroline PIERRE Ottawa LSC


 Stephanie LABELLE Ottawa LSC
 Lisa BROWN Ottawa LSC
 Michelle AMAR Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club


Eric LEICHT Ottawa LSC
Martin GOULET Ottawa LSC


Betsy SIMPSON Ottawa LSC
Sarah INGLETON […]

September 7, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|

Canadian Masters throw, tow and carry their way to the Rescue 2016 podium


Masters did not disappoint at the pool on day 2. There were medals, Canadian records and world records set…..Doug Bishop joins an exclusive group on the world stage at Rescue 2016. The Ottawa Masters Lifesaving Club takes the top spot after 2 days of pool competition.

For a full list of results:


Day 2, Pool Masters


Women, 100m Manikin Tow with Fins

Age 40-44

Lisa BROWN, Ottawa LSC 1:07.97 NEW Canadian Record
Stephanie LABELLE, Ottawa LSC 1:15.70
Michelle AMAR 75 Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club 1:23.42

Age 45-59

20. Charlene PUGH 71 Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club 1:33.06

Age 50-54

Betsy SIMPSON, Ottawa LSC 1:17.85 New Canadian Record
Sarah INGLETON, Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club 1:37.59

Age 55-59

Clotilde Anne-Marie FRIEDMANN, Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club 1:55.23


Men, 100m Manikin Tow with Fins

Age 30-34

Michael HUNDT, Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club 1:07.17

Age 45-49

Eric LEICHT, Ottawa LSC 1:11.47
Martin GOULET, Ottawa LSC 1:24.92

Age 50-54

Andy SHELP, Ottawa LSC 1:17.58

Age 55-59

Brian LEHMKUHL, Ottawa LSC 1:07.09 NEW Canadian Record
Daniel BERUBE, Ottawa LSC 1:13.22

Age 60-64

Robert READ, Ottawa LSC 1:10.47 NEW Canadian Record
Tom YEH, Vaughan Lifesaving Club 1:55.96

Age 70+

Doug BISHOP, Ottawa LSC 1:19.67 NEW Canadian Record and NEW World Record


Women, 50m Manikin Carry

Age 40-44

Lisa BROWN, Ottawa LSC 43.37
Stephanie LABELLE, Ottawa LSC 50.72
Michelle AMAR, Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club 1:01.56

Age 45-49

20. Charlene PUGH, Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club 1:33.06

Age 50-54

Sarah INGLETON, Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club 58.52

Age 70+

2. Wies SMITS, Lifesaving Society 1:40.14


Men, 50m Manikin Carry

Age 35-39

Frederick FORTIN, Ottawa LSC 40.75
Jamie WILDSMITH, Ottawa LSC 41.80

Age 45-49

Eric LEICHT, Ottawa LSC 48.14

Age 55-59

Daniel BERUBE, Ottawa LSC 50.50
Brian LEHMKUHL, Ottawa LSC 53.36

Age 60-64

Robert READ, Ottawa LSC 49.50 NEW Canadian Record
Tom YEH […]

September 3, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|

Canadian Masters win 8 medals at Rescue 2016

The Masters have mastered the pool with 8 medals, and 10 Canadian records, including 2 records never recorded until now! 

Lisa Brown impressed in the last leg of the 4×50 Obstacle relay; Doug Bishop set new and first ever Canadian records, and Robert Reed beat his 2014 Canadian records. All three are members of the Ottawa Lifesaving Club (Ottawa LSC)


200m Obstacle Swim


Age 40-44

Stephanie LABELLE, Ottawa LSC 2:33.49
Lisa BROWN, Ottawa LSC 2:33.85
Michelle AMAR, Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club 3:17.86

Age 50-54

Celine MORIN, Ottawa LSC 3:22.27
Sarah INGLETON, Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club 3:25.01

200m Obstacle Swim


Age 30-34

Michael HUNDT, Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club 2:47.58

Age 35-39

Frederick FORTIN, Ottawa LSC 2:18.50 NEW Canadian Record
Jamie WILDSMITH, Ottawa LSC 2:31.66

Age 45-49

Martin GOULET, Ottawa LSC 3:03.07

100m Obstacle Swim


Age 55-59

Brian LEHMKUHL, Ottawa LSC 1:19.71
Daniel BERUBE, Ottawa LSC 1:21.99

Age 60-64

Robert READ, Ottawa LSC 1:16.49 NEW Canadian Record
Robert ISBISTER, Vaughan Lifesaving Club 1:38.68
Tom YEH, Vaughan Lifesaving Club 2:03.63

Age 70+

Doug BISHOP, Ottawa LSC 1:23.86 NEW Canadian Record *First Canadian in this age group to swim this event

Women Obstacle Relay 4 x 50

Combined Age 170-199

Ottawa LSC 2:20.54  Stephanie LABELLE Betsy SIMPSON Caroline PIERRE Lisa BROWN


Men Obstacle Relay 4 x 50

Combined Age 170-199

Ottawa LSC 2:08.17  Frederick FORTIN Daniel BERUBE Eric LEICHT Jamie WILDSMITH NEW Canadian Record – 12 year drought finally broken

Combined Age 230+

Ottawa LSC 2:26.28  Andy SHELP Brian LEHMKUHL Doug BISHOP Robert READ

Women Relay 4 x 25 Manikin Relay

Combined Age 170 – 199

Ottawa LSC 1:57.79 Betsy SIMPSON Lisa BROWN Stephanie LABELLE Celine MORIN NEW Canadian Record

Men Relay 4 x 25 Manikin Relay

Combined Age 170-199

Ottawa LSC 1:45.56  Andy SHELP Jamie WILDSMITH Eric LEICHT Frederick FORTIN NEW Canadian record

Combined Age 200-229


September 2, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|

Rescue 2016 Delegation

Canadians are off to the Netherlands to represent their country at Rescue 2016 – the World Lifesaving Championships to be held in Noordwijk and Einhoven, from 1 to 18 September.

The Canadian delegation includes approximately 200 people, among them lifesaving athletes, technical officials and delegates to meetings of the International Lifesaving Federation (ILS) that are held in conjunction with Rescue 2016.

The Canadian athletes who will be competing from Sept. 6-11 include the following National Team athletes: Dennis Cook (Ont.); James Verreault (Ont.); Gavin Coward (Ont.); Scott Southwood (Alta.); Daniel Grbac (Ont.); Carolyne Godon (Ont.); Haylie Burton (Ont.); Marie-Félixe Granger (Que.); Dallas Walker (Alta); Margot Cunningham (Ont); Mackenzie Salmon (Ont.), Team Captain, Alexandra Ferguson (Ont.) and, our National youth (15-18) team of Jenna Kutash (Alta.); Emma Tonellato (Ont.); Jade Maille (Que,); Danielle Chang (Alta.); Sandrine Hamel (Que.); Levi Peek (Alta.); Tyler Bailer (Alta.); Austin Jerke (Alta.); Aiden Donald (Alta.); Jacob Miess (Ont.); McLean Reid (Ont.) and Team Captain, Madison Ashton (Ont.).

The team will be supported by head-coaches Jason Cross, (NS) and Don Burton (Ont), assistant-coaches Pierre Tabah (Que.) and Andrew Crook (South Africa), national team manager Pat McGrath (NS) and national youth team manager Emily Verreault, (Ont), along with Chef de Mission Brian Miess (Ont), Sport Commissioner Steve Box (Ont.) and high performance manager Martin Leprohon (Que.)

The World Lifesaving Championships are sanctioned by the International Life Saving Federation (ILS). The Canadian Teams will be competing against different nations in pool and surf events. Lifesaving sport is a unique combination of competitive swimming, simulated rescue drills, use of rescue equipment, and performing manikin rescues. Lifesaving sport is designed to test the athlete’s speed, endurance, agility, co-ordination and strength in pool, beach and surf venues.

Canada is also represented by […]

September 1, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|

Second Call for Athletes – 2016 Europe Tour (German Cup and Orange Cup)

Due to the withdrawal of several Male Representative Team members and alternates, the Lifesaving Society is calling for applications from Males athletes to complete a delegation that will attend the following major international lifesaving sport events.

Meet Name:    2016 German Cup, Warendorf, Germany

Date:               17-20 November 2016

Meet Name:    2016 Orange Cup, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Date:               11-13 November 2016

Tour Dates:     9-21 November 2016

Fundraising Commitment:      $3,500

Type:               Pool

Teams:             5 males / 5 females (1 male athlete required)

The Selection criteria ( are aimed at selecting the team that will ensure that the best preparation possible is provided to our Rescue 2018 National and National Youth Team. One (1) male athlete will be selected based on his contribution to the team against that of existing team members.

Any eligible athlete may submit a letter/email of intent highlighting an interest to join this delegation by 11:59pm (EDST) on 15 July 2016, to Brian Miess ( The successful applicant will be named shortly thereafter.

For further information or clarification, please contact Martin Leprohon, High Performance Manager at

European tour – Second call for athletes (2016)
European tour – Call for athletes (2016)

July 9, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|

World Lifesaving Championships Rescue 2016 National Team and Youth Team

The Lifesaving Society of Canada is pleased to announce the selection of members to Canada’s National and Youth (15-18 years old) Lifesaving Team for Rescue 2016, the World Lifesaving Championships which will be held in Eindhoven and Noordwijk, Netherlands from 1 to 18 September 2016.

These individuals were selected following the Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships (CPLC) in Edmonton, Alberta on May 15th.

The National Team athletes formally invited are:

Dennis COOK (Richmond Hill Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
James VERREAULT (Ottawa Valley Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
Gavin COWARD (Markham Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
Scott SOUTHWOOD (Calgary Winter Club Tsunamis, Alberta)
Mackenzie SALMON (Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
Jessey ELF (Guelph Marlins Aquatic Club, Ontario)
Alexandra FERGUSON (Paradise Beach Lifesaving Association, Ontario)
Carolyne GODON (Ottawa Valley Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
Haylie BURTON (Guelph Marlins Aquatic Club, Ontario)
Margot CUNNINGHAM (Mississauga Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
Marie-Félixe GRANGER (Montreal Rouville Surf Club, Québec)
Dallas WALKER (University of Lethbridge Max Bell Manta Rays, Alberta)

The Youth Team athletes formally invited are:

Jenna KUTASH (Hinton Stingrays, Alberta)
Madison ASHTON (Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
Emma TONELATTO (Guelph Marlins Aquatic Club, Ontario)
Jade MAILLÉ (Montreal Sea Devils AQUAM, Québec)
Danielle CHANG (Calgary Winter Club Tsunamis, Alberta)
Sandrine HAMEL (Montreal Rouville Surf Club, Québec)
Levi PEEK (Wetaskiwin Orcas, Alberta)
Tyler BAILER (Wetaskiwin Orcas, Alberta)
Austin JERKE (Wetaskiwin Orcas, Alberta)
Aiden DONALD (Calgary Winter Club Tsunamis, Alberta)
Nicholas CHAN (Rouge Valley Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
McLean REID (Saugeen Shores Lifesaving Club, Ontario)

The National Team will be coached by Jason CROSS (Nova Scotia) and Don BURTON (Ontario). Managers for the National and National Youth Teams will be, respectively, Pat MCGRATH (Nova Scotia) and Emily VERREAULT (Ontario).

The Lifesaving Society – Canada’s lifeguarding expert – has been saving lives in Canada for over 100 years through its training programs, Water Smart® drowning prevention campaign, and safety management services. Over 1 000 000 Canadians participate annually in the society’s swimming, lifesaving, […]

June 24, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|

Technical services call for volunteers

The Lifesaving Society Canada Sport Commission and Chair of Technical Services are seeking volunteers from across Canada to serve as Technical Committee members for a four-year term.

Committee members will offer their experience and participate in research-based activities to support updates to the Canadian Competition Manual and Competition Safety Handbook.

If you are interested in playing an important part in the development of lifesaving sport in Canada, please send resumes and letters of interest to the Chair of  Technical Services, Lisa Hanson Ouellette, on or before June 30, 2016 at  Applicants must have a minimum of two years’ experience with lifesaving sport as an official, coach or athlete.

June 9, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|

Call for nominees – Canadian athlete representative

The Lifesaving Society Canada invites nominations for the Canadian Athlete Representative.

All high performance athletes are eligible to nominate candidates.

To nominate a candidate:

Ensure the candidate you are nominating meets all the eligibility criteria. See attached nomination form.
Confirm the candidate has reviewed the terms of reference (see attached) and is willing to stand for election.
Complete the online nomination form and submit it prior to midnight on June 12th.

Memo from Emily Verreault
Canadian Athlete Representative Job Description
Canadian Athlete Council Terms of Reference

To nominate an individual, click the link below, provide the information and click SUBMIT NOMINATION.

Canadian Athlete Representative Online Nomination Form

June 1, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|

Calgary Winter Club Tsunamis — 2016 CPLCs champion club

The Calgary Winter Club Tsunamis took home another national pool lifesaving championship banner after competing in the 2016 Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships, held at the Kinsmen Sports Centre in Edmonton on May 14-15.

Tsunami athletes earned 1,094.5 points in their swims at the championships, which featured 126 athletes from 17 clubs with representation from almost every Canadian province.

The 2016 CPLCs were one of the final events where athletes could post results that would be considered for those with interest in being invited to join Team Canada for the Rescue 2016 – World Lifesaving Championships to be held in the Netherlands in September; and, the 2016 German and Orange cup representative teams that will compete later in the fall in Warendorf, Germany, and Eindhoven, Netherlands.

CCSP 2016 CPLCs – Results / Résultats

May 21, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|

Addendum – Rescue 2016 National Team Selection Criteria

The Rescue 2016 National Team Selection Criteria were originally posted on July 6th 2015.

Following the release of the International Life Saving Federation’s (ILS) 2016 Lifesaving World Championships Handbook, the National Sport Commission has agreed to align its selection criteria with the age groups defined in the handbook.

As such, the following eligibility criteria:

“Be a minimum of 16 years of age as of the first day of the Championships (6 Sept 2016)”

Will be replaced by:

“Be a minimum of 16 years of age as of 31 December 2016 for the Open Category” and;

And the following eligibility criteria:

“For the Youth Team, be a maximum of 18 years of age as of 31st of December 2016.”

Will be replaced by:

“Be 15, 16, 17 or 18 years of age as of 31 December 2016 for the Youth Category”.

Furthermore, as the minimum age to compete at Canadian Lifesaving Championships remains at 16 years old, we confirm that results achieved at Provincial Championships will be considered as need be by the selection committee.

Finally, following some adjustments to the logistics in the Netherlands, the tour dates have been change from 1 to 12 September 2016, to 29 August to 12 September 2016. As such, athletes attending the 2016 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships will be able to depart for the tour from the venue of the championships, in Moncton, New Brunswick.

Additional Information

The World Lifesaving Championships Rescue 2016 handbook is available here:

Please contact Steve Box (, Sport Commissioner, for any additional details.

Memo – Changes to Rescue 2016 selection criteria
Rescue 2016 – Selection criteria (April 2016)

May 11, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News|