2017 CLERC and CPLC Results

Congratulations to all the athletes for their participation in this year’s Canadian Lifeguard Emergency Rescue Championship and Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championship.

Results can be found here:


June 7, 2017|Lifesaving Sport News, Media release|

ILS is seeking to hire Event Director

Dear Lifesaving friends,


Please be informed that the ILS is seeking to hire an Event Director.

The ILS Board of Directors is looking for an experienced Event Director to supervise the management of the existing ILS Events: the Lifesaving World Championships, the World Conferences on Drowning Prevention and other events such as the World Games, Military World Games etc.


For the terms of engagement, the profile specifications and the job description, please consult this attachment: ILS Event Director


Candidates are requested to provide a full curriculum vitae and a motivation letter by the deadline of 30th April 2017.


Best regards,


Karin Obus

Executive Director

 International Life Saving Federation

Contact address: Gemeenteplein 26 – 3010 Leuven – Belgium

E-mail: ils.hq@telenet.be – Web: www.ilsf.org

Tel: +32 16 89 60 60


March 12, 2017|Lifesaving Sport News, Media release|

2017 Sport Commission Key Officials Appointments

Lifesaving Canada is pleased to announce the following appointments at the 2017 Canadian Lifesaving Sport Championships.

2017 Canadian Lifeguard Emergency Response Championships

Chief referee – Sarah Ingleton, ON
Appeals convenor – Perry Smith, ON

2017 Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships

Chief referee – Rebecca Boyd, ON
Appeals convenor – Perry Smith, ON

2017 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships

Chief referee – Mike Melenchuk , NS
Appeals convenor – Mike Maguire, NS

Thank you for your commitment to Lifesaving Sport in Canada. Further nominations will be confirmed by the host.

March 1, 2017|Lifesaving Sport News, Media release|


The Lifesaving Society Sport Commission invites volunteer applications to assist with team management and coaching of the National Teams for the 2017-18 High Performance program which includes the following events:

 RLSS Commonwealth Festival of Surf, Durban, South Africa, Aug 2017

 German Cup, Nov 2017

 International Surf Rescue Challenge, Mt. Maunganui, New Zealand, Nov-Dec 2017

 Rescue 2018, Adelaide, Australia, Nov 2018

 Other Domestic and International Training Camps, and preparatory events

If you wish to be considered, please submit a letter of interest along with a full resume to Martin Leprohon, Sport Commissioner by March 10, 2017.

February 23, 2017|Lifesaving Sport News, Media release|

Press Release

Lifesaving Canada National Sport Commission’s 2017-2018 Events Calendar Released!

Lifesaving Canada National Sport Commission released its competition calendar leading up to the 2018 Lifesaving World Championships. A key direction change in this two-year circuit of events is the decision to reduce the number of international competitions and instead offer athletes training opportunities. The recommendation to change the focus of the competition calendar was made by the National Sport Commission after consultations between the Sport Commissioner, the High Performance Manager, the Chair of the Technical Experts Committee, the National Athlete Representative, and Team Coaches and Managers from 2016, along with analyses of athlete questionnaires received in 2016.

The rationale for the change is to ensure that Canada’s athletes have greater opportunities to improve their skills and sport knowledge and to field teams to competitions that fit within the seasonality of our athletes’ training programs. For this reason, the National Sport Commission has decided to decline its invitation to attend the Sanyo Bussan International Lifesaving Cup in June 2017.

The National Sport Commission invites you to view the competition calendar by clicking here and to check back to this page for announcements related to upcoming training camps.

Thank you,

Lifesaving Sport Commission

February 8, 2017|Lifesaving Sport News, Media release|

Canada’s representative team for the 2016 European Tour

The Lifesaving Society Canada sport commission is pleased to announce the members of Canada’s representative team for the 2016 European Tour, which will include the Orange Cup in Eindhoven, Netherlands, to be held on Nov. 11-13, and the German Cup in Warendorf, Germany, to be held on Nov. 17-20. Canada is attending these events for a second consecutive year.

These individuals were selected based on performances at sanctioned events held from August 1st 2015 up to the 2016 Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships. The team invitations were issued by the National Team selection committee following a call for applications from athletes from across the country.

The Representative Team athletes formally invited are:

Tyler BAILER (Wetaskiwin Orcas, Alberta)
Svetoslav SAEV (Montreal Sea Devils AQUAM, Québec)
Levi PEEK (Wetaskiwin Orcas, Alberta)
William DANSEREAU (Ottawa Valley Lifesaving Club, Ontario)
Ryan PLANTE (University of Lethbridge Max Bell Manta Rays, Alberta)
Sarah-Laurence MORIN (Montreal Sea DevilsAQUAM, Québec)
Dallas WALKER (University of Lethbridge Max Bell Manta Rays, Alberta)
Cassandra PEEK (Wetaskiwin Orcas, Alberta)
Sandrine HAMEL (Montreal Rouville Surf Club, Québec)
Marie-Charlotte HAMEL (Montreal Rouville Surf Club, Québec)

The Representative Team will be coached by Chantique PAYNE (Ontario) and managed by Jeff SCHULTZ (Ontario).

The Lifesaving Society Canada acknowledges the sponsorship and support of LifeguardDepot.com® in outfitting the Canadian National Team. LifeguardDepot.com® is the online store of the Lifesaving Society which provides a comprehensive selection of equipment and supplies required to operate safe aquatic facilities and training programs including CPR instruction – all guided by the Lifesaving Society’s 100 years of knowledge and experience as the lifeguarding experts.

The Lifesaving Society – Canada’s lifeguarding expert – has been saving lives in Canada for over 100 years through its training programs, Water Smart® drowning prevention campaign, and safety management services. Over 1 000 000 Canadians participate annually in the society’s swimming, lifesaving, lifeguard and leadership programs. Lifesaving sport is the only sport that has been developed based on humanitarian principles. The Society is the governing body for lifesaving sport – a sport recognized by the IOC and the Commonwealth Games Federation.

For more information and to interview members of Canada’s National Team, […]

October 10, 2016|Lifesaving Sport News, Media release|

World Health Organization puts drowning on the public health agenda

As Canada’s leader in drowning prevention, the Lifesaving Society Canada draws your attention to the newly released World Health Organization’s Global Report on Drowning: Preventing a Leading Killer. This is the first time the World Health Organization (WHO) has devoted a report exclusively to drowning. Its significance cannot be underestimated.

November 17, 2014|Media release|

Canada wins bid to host World Conference on Drowning Prevention in 2017

The International Life Saving Federation (ILS) announced today that Canada won its bid to host the World Conference on Drowning Prevention 2017. The bid was submitted by Lifesaving Society Canada with strong support from Lifesaving Society Canada – British Columbia and Yukon Branch. Graham Ford, ILS President, revealed the final decision at its Board of Directors Meeting held in La Grande-Motte, France.

September 16, 2014|Media release|

National Drowning Report – 2014 Edition: Different format for this year’s report

The Lifesaving Society Canada, in association with its Lifesaving Society Branches across Canada, and the Drowning Prevention Research Centre, has just released the new National Drowning Report – 2014 Edition

May 12, 2014|Media release|

New Public Pool Safety Standards for Canadian Public Swimming Pools

The Lifesaving Society Canada, in association with its Provincial/Territorial Branches across Canada, has published the new National Public Pool Safety Standards for Canadian Public Swimming Pools.

April 3, 2014|Media release|