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Study Reveals New Canadians at Higher Risk for Drowning

Results from a new study commissioned by the Lifesaving Society, a charitable organization working to prevent drowning, show that ‘new Canadians’ – particularly those who have been living in Canada for less than five years – are at higher risk for drowning when boating and swimming. In fact, despite plans by 79 per cent of new Canadians to be in and around water this summer, they are four times more likely to be unable to swim than those born in Canada.

July 15, 2010|Media release|

New Canadians at higher risk of drowning – Key Findings

The Influence of Ethnicity on Aquatic Participation and Drowning in Canada

July 15, 2010|Media release|

Drowning & Water Safety Fact Sheet

Below is a summary of facts about drowning deaths in Canada. The statistics are from data compiled from the Chief Coroner’s Offices in all provinces. The year 2006 is the most recent year for which data is available.

July 15, 2010|Media release|

Team Alberta to compete at the 100th Anniversary Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships in Toronto

The Lifesaving Society is pleased to announce it will be sending a representative team, for the second consecutive year, to the 2008 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships being held at Woodbine Beach, on the shores of Lake Ontario, from August 22-24, 2008.

August 13, 2008|Media release|

St-Laurent first overall at Masters World Lifesaving Championships

Ottawa’s St-Laurent Masters Lifesaving Club placed first overall among the 189 teams competing in the Masters World Lifesaving Championship at Rescue 2008 in Germany.

August 12, 2008|Media release|

Toronto to host the 100th Anniversary Ontario Lifesaving Championships at Woodbine Beach, Aug 10 – 12 2008

The Lifesaving Society is pleased to announce the 100th Anniversary Ontario Lifesaving Championships will be held in Toronto Aug 10 - 12, 2008 at Woodbine Beach. The competition is hosted by the City of Toronto, the Toronto Police Lifeguard Services and are being sponsored by AQUAM Inc. and Blistex, and are supported by the Toronto Port Authority.

August 8, 2008|Media release|

Canadians to haul home 33 medals from the Masters World Lifesaving Championships in Germany

Ottawa’s St. Laurent Lifesaving Team will haul home a heap of overweight luggage when they touch down in Canada upon return from the Masters World Lifesaving Championships (Rescue 2008) in Germany this weekend.

August 1, 2008|Media release|

Canada Post makes waves to celebrate Lifesaving Society centennial

To celebrate 100 years of educating Canadians to save lives, Canada Post today issued a domestic rate stamp honouring the Lifesaving Society. The Lifesaving Society’s singular focus is to prevent drowning and water-related injuries through training programs.

July 25, 2008|Media release|

Lifesaving Society marks 100 years of saving lives during National Drowning Prevention Week

When the Lifesaving Society, Canada’s lifeguarding experts, opened their first office in Toronto in 1908, Arthur Cochrane (along with John Crocker, Arthur Hardy, Arnold Morphy) could not have fully envisioned the significance and impact that bringing lifesaving skills to Canada would have on the future of Canadians. The first class of graduates consisted of just eighteen students, with each being awarded the now highly recognized Bronze Medallion (the first award created by the Society) – a far cry from the millions who have subsequently gone on to earn the distinction since then.

July 24, 2008|Media release|

“Alcohol and Water – A potentially deadly combination especially if you are Male” reports Lifesaving Society as part of National Drowning Prevention Week

At a greater risk of drowning this summer are males, between the ages of 18 and 34, who have been drinking alcohol and are not wearing lifejackets while participating in recreational, on-water activities reports the Lifesaving Society.

July 23, 2008|Media release|