Lifesaving Society Canada sport logo - ski-boardA year ago, the reintroduction of a permanent roster for the National and Development Lifesaving Teams was announced. Following the 2012 season, Lifesaving / Sauvetage Canada is pleased to announce the athletes that have been selected to the Permanent Roster for 2013 (Appendix 1, in the attachment below). These athletes were selected as a result of their participation on a National or Development Lifesaving Team in 2012 (Rescue 2012 and the Sanyo Bussan International Lifesaving Cup) or due to an outstanding performance at the 2012 Canadian Pool or Surf Lifesaving Championships.

Members who are named to this permanent roster will have a specialized coach from the Technical Coaching Committee assigned to them to provide them with assistance in planning, training and preparing for future international events. National Teams and Developments Teams representing Canada on the international stage will be selected from members of these permanent rosters. Athletes will therefore need to be added to the permanent roster prior to being named to a National or Development Team for a specific international event.

Lifesaving / Sauvetage Canada invites any athlete who isn’t named in this announcement and who wishes to be considered for future selection to the National or Development Lifesaving Teams to submit a formal application as follows:

  • Write a letter highlighting your competitive experience as well as your future objectives in the sport;
  • Complete and submit the attached form (below) via email with all required information by 28 February 2013,to:

Athletes may be selected to the National and Development Lifesaving Team permanent rosters at the conclusion of this process.

The Lifesaving Society – Canada’s Lifeguarding Expert – has been saving lives in Canada for over 100 years through its training programs, Water Smart® drowning prevention campaign and aquatic safety management services. Over 700,000 Canadians participate annually in the society’s swimming, lifesaving, lifeguard and leadership programs. Lifesaving sport is the only sport that has been developed based on humanitarian principles. The Society is the governing body for lifesaving sport – a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee and the Commonwealth Games Federation.

For additional information regarding these announcements, please contact Martin Leprohon, High Performance Manager, at or Brian Miess, Technical Leaders Committee Head Coach, at