The Lifesaving Society Canada sport commission is the national sport organization (NSO) and governing body for lifesaving sport in Canada. All activity related to lifesaving sport in canada operates under the governance of the Lifesaving Society Canada.

The sport commission is fully accountable to the Lifesaving Society and operates with the following objects:

  • To support the drowning prevention work of the Lifesaving Society and its humanitarian mission;
  • To provide athletes, coaches and officials opportunities for participation in lifesaving sport at all levels from developmental to high-performance;
  • To internationally position the Lifesaving Society as a leader in lifesaving sport and provide Canadians international opportunities for the pursuit of excellence.

Sport commission

The sport commission is the management arm of LSC. The sport commission manages lifesaving sport activities in Canada, set down in its terms of reference which are reviewed and approved by the board as needed.

Sport commission activity centres

Each activity centre is an operational unit of the sport commission.

  • Athlete Services
  • High Performance
  • Event Management
  • Athletes’ Council
  • Leadership
  • Technical Services
  • Support Services
  • Communications

The Lifesaving Society Canada board of directors appoints sport commission officers.

Sport commission composition

The Sport Commission voting members include an Athlete Representative, elected by the athlete representative election process, and, five (5) to nine (9) officers (managers of activity centers) appointed by the board.

Ex-officio, non-voting members include:

  • Canadian members of ILS & RLSS sport committees
  • LSC executive director
  • Past commissioner

Sport Commissioner

The Sport Commissioner is the chair of the sport commission and is appointed by the Lifesaving Society Canada board of directors. The chair is non-voting.