The Canadian Competition Manual will adopt and reference the rules and procedures documented in the current edition of the ILS Competition Manual.

Please note that on April 12, 2016, ILS sport commission released two technical bulletins. Temporarily linked here as one and two.

An updated guide to SERC was also released on April 12, 2016, which will be in effect for Rescue 2016.

Lifesaving Society Canada uses the ILS Competition Manual for event rules. The Canadian Competition Manual focuses primarily on rules for national championships, event management, and Emergency Response competition rules.

The complementary manual to the ILS manual for the RLSS Commonwealth Lifesaving Championships, held biannually opposite the Rescue World Championships, is the RLSS Commonwealth Competition Manual.

There were minor updates to the Simulation Event Judging Sheets in June 2012 to account for the changes in resuscitation standards. They are posted below.

Following the release of the 2009 ILS competition Manual, the ILS passed a policy on April 21, 2010 regarding approved swim suits at sanctioned events.
The 2010 ILS Swim Suit Policy will be adhered to at the all Canadian Pool Lifesaving Championships and Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships. The policy is listed in the files below.