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What is the Prohibited List?

  • Ensures fair competition by providing a standard list of substances banned in sport
  • Consistent in every country and provides a basis for quality assurance in the work of anti-doping agencies globally
  • First published in 1968 by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
  • Prepared and published annually by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) since 2004
  • Key component of the World Anti-Doping Program – along with the World Anti-Doping Code and the mandatory international standards (which include testing, laboratory, education, and therapeutic use exemption)
  • Identifies substances and methods prohibited in sport:
    * Classification categories (e.g., steroids, stimulants, gene doping)
    * In-competition and/or out-of-competition
    * In particular sports
    * Specified versus non-specified substances

Athletes must understand that the burden of clean sport is on the athlete. Athletes are responsible for avoiding substances on the Prohibited List.

How does a substance or method make the Prohibited List?

Banned substances and methods are placed into categories based on their effect or application (e.g., steroids (anabolic agents), stimulants, gene doping) and can be prohibited in-competition, out-of-competition, or in particular sports.

At least two out of three criteria must be met:

  1. evidence that the substance or method has the potential to enhance, or does enhance performance
  2. evidence that the substance or method represents an actual or potential health risk to the athlete
  3. WADA’s determination that use of the substance or method violates the spirit of sport

How is the List updated?

  • Updated every year – comes into effect the first of January
  • Changes and additions can be made throughout the year
  • Guidelines for annual review and publication are outlined in the World Anti-Doping Code
  • WADA facilitates the consultation process:
    * WADA’s List Expert Group holds three meetings
    * Draft discussion List published and circulated for consultation in June
    * List Expert Group recommends the new List to the Health, Medical and Research Committee which in turn makes recommendations to WADA’s Executive Committee
    * WADA Executive Committee finalizes the List at its September meeting
    * The updated List is published by October 1