This is the home page for Canadian lifesaving sport officials. Please find information linked below on the officiating development program and current national and international officiating opportunities.

Lifesaving Society branches are the primary point of contact for all lifesaving sport officials. Contact your branch for information regarding certification and resources.

Canadian officials applying to officiate at international competitions must now follow the endorsement process approved by the Lifesaving Society Canada in February 2011. The policy is also available below.

Prior to submitting their applications to ILS, RLSS Commonwealth Lifesaving or other sanctioned international lifesaving competition organizers, officials must have their applications endorsed. Submit them by email prior to sending them to the international competition’s organizing committee.

Any current calls for officials for national or international competitive lifesaving events will be posted in the files section below and also below this paragraph.

2016 Canadian Surf Lifesaving Championships – Aug. 26-28 – Parlee Beach, N.B.


As the governing body for lifesaving sport in Canada, the Lifesaving Society offers a certification program for lifesaving sport officials.

For information on any of the courses below, please contact your local Lifesaving Society branch.

The Lifesaving Sport Officials Certification program is designed to assist with the flexibility of a variety of lifesaving sport formats, including Pool, Open Water and Emergency Response competitions. Certification is earned after participation and completion of each course. Experience is required to advance to the next level of the Lifesaving Sport Officials Certification program. Details on each level are available by clicking on the course name to the left.