The Pool, Open Water, Emergency Response Officials Certification courses provide training for lifesaving sport officials who wish to officiate in different roles at community, provincial and national lifesaving sport events. The courses consist of core material together with environment-specific modules leading to certification in the following options: Pool Officials Certification, Open Water Officials Certification or Emergency Response Officials Certification.

For information on hosting a a pool, open water or emergency response officials clinic, or where and when they are being offered, please contact your branch of the Lifesaving Society. Please note this program is currently in its final phases of development and may not be available in all branches.

Prerequisite: minimum 16 years of age, current Lifesaving Sport Community Officials certification, minimum 5 hours experience at a sanctioned Lifesaving Sport event in a Community Officials role.

Evaluation & certification: The Lifesaving Sport Officials Instructor evaluates and certifies candidates. Officials recertify every 2 years through professional development.

Candidate recognition: Certification card.

Candidate reference material: Officials candidates must have the following for on-course reference:

  • Lifesaving Sport Officials Technical Reference Manual
  • ILS Manual (purchase from Lifeguard Depot or download here.)