Rescue 2014 Team Canada

Rescue 2014 Team Canada // Les équipes canadiennes pour Rescue 2014

The Lifesaving Society Canada re-established a permanent roster for its national team program in 2013.

National teams for Rescue series World Lifesaving Championships and any RLSS Commonwealth Lifesaving championships are assembled using members from this permanent roster or those responding to a call for athletes who are eligible to be a member of the permanent roster. The national team roster is also used when naming representative teams participating in other sanctioned international competitions.

Current national team / representative team opportunities:

  • None at this time.

To be eligible to compete on the Canadian National Team, you must:

  • Be a bona fide lifesaver in good standing with the Lifesaving Society Canada;
  • Hold a current Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross or National Lifeguard certification that is dated no more than two years prior to the appointment date;
  • Be a registered athlete with the Lifesaving Society Canada;
  • Be a Canadian citizen, by birth or naturalization; or landed immigrant of Canada;
  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age as of the appointment date;
  • Be willing to register and be tested with the World Anti-doping Agency;
  • Be willing to participate in any training camps or regimens as required by the Head Coach; and,
  • Be available for the duration of events of teams to which you are assigned.

Members who are named to the national team roster will have a specialized coach from the Technical Coaching Committee assigned to them to provide them with assistance in planning, training and preparing for future international events. Teams representing Canada on the international stage will be selected from members of these permanent rosters.

Questions on the national team roster can be directed to the sport commissioner and/or the high-performance activity centre manager via the Lifesaving Society Canada office.

To apply to join the national team roster, you may submit a formal application as follows:

  • Write a letter highlighting your competitive experience as well as your future objectives in the sport;
  • Complete and submit the attached form (below) via email with all required information to: Brian Miess