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Lifesaving Canada National Sport Commission’s 2017-2018 Events Calendar Released!

Lifesaving Canada National Sport Commission released its competition calendar leading up to the 2018 Lifesaving World Championships. A key direction change in this two-year circuit of events is the decision to reduce the number of international competitions and instead offer athletes training opportunities. The recommendation to change the focus of the competition calendar was made by the National Sport Commission after consultations between the Sport Commissioner, the High Performance Manager, the Chair of the Technical Experts Committee, the National Athlete Representative, and Team Coaches and Managers from 2016, along with analyses of athlete questionnaires received in 2016.

The rationale for the change is to ensure that Canada’s athletes have greater opportunities to improve their skills and sport knowledge and to field teams to competitions that fit within the seasonality of our athletes’ training programs. For this reason, the National Sport Commission has decided to decline its invitation to attend the Sanyo Bussan International Lifesaving Cup in June 2017.

The National Sport Commission invites you to view the competition calendar by clicking here and to check back to this page for announcements related to upcoming training camps.

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Lifesaving Sport Commission