National Drowning Report – 2014 Edition: Different format for this year’s report

May 12, 2014

 OTTAWA – The Lifesaving Society Canada, in association with its Lifesaving Society Branches across Canada, and the Drowning Prevention Research Centre, has just released the new National Drowning Report – 2014 Edition.  It is now available online at

The Lifesaving Society is Canada’s lifeguarding expert. The Society works to prevent drowning and water-related injury through its training programs, Water Smart® public education, aquatic safety management, drowning research and lifesaving sport.  In consultation with its Affiliate Members, the Lifesaving Society advises on the judicial system, governments and pool and waterfront owners and operators on matters related to public safety in aquatic environments.

This past calendar year, due to administrative reasons, important data was not collected at the Alberta Coroner’s Office to help determine the number of deaths caused by drowning, in this province. For this reason, the National Drowning Report – 2014 Edition, will be released as individual Branch or regional reports.

The drowning research process involves data collection; research tabulation and analysis. The water-related death data is usually extracted from the offices of the Chief Coroners and Medical Examiners in each province/territory.

This year’s reports include statistics regarding:

  • Information on Provincial or regional water-related fatalities and death rates between 2001-2011
  • Preliminary interim data from 2011 to 2013
  • Who are drowning
  • Where people are drowning
  • When drowning occurs
  • What activities are engaged upon, prior to drowning
  • Contributing risk factors

This year’s National Drowning Report – 2014 Edition with its different format comprised of individual Branch or regional reports are available on the Lifesaving Society National website at

The Lifesaving Society establishes aquatic safety standards and consults widely on aquatic safety issues for aquatic facility owners and operators, governments, agencies and the judicial system.  It is a national, independent, charitable organization that has been saving lives in Canada for over 100 years.


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