The Advanced Instructor course is designed to better prepare instructors to teach the advanced lifesaving, lifeguarding and leadership skills of the Canadian Lifesaving Program.

The course content can be delivered as a stand-alone clinic or with another instructor training program such as NLS Instructor or Examination Standards Clinic (ESC).

Prerequisites: These vary by Branch.

Evaluation: All items are evaluated by a Lifesaving instructor trainer.

Test items:

  1. Describe the Lifesaving Society leadership training system, prerequisites and progressions.
  2. Apply principles of planning to higher level Lifesaving Society courses.
  3. Discuss the principles and teaching implications of adult learning.
  4. Use a variety of classroom presentation methods.
  5. Use audiovisual aids effectively.
  6. Organize a course.
  7. Use candidate evaluation procedures.
  8. Describe the role of apprenticeship training, and the obligations and responsibilities of the instructor in the education of apprentices.
  9. Describe policy and procedures with regard to higher level Lifesaving Society awards.