The Lifesaving Society is recognized as a leader in developing standards for activities in, on and around water. Through its Safety Standards Commission, the Society sets national aquatic environment standards and clarifies existing provincial/territorial regulations.

Lifesaving Society Canada’s National Safety Standards are developed using Coroners’ recommendations, the latest evidence-based research, and reflect the aquatic industry’s best practices at the time the publication was approved or revised.  The purpose of these standards is to encourage swimming pool, waterpark and waterfront owners, managers, operators and regulators to adopt these standards in order to prevent drownings in aquatic environments.

Lifesaving Society Canada’s National Safety Standards do not replace or supersede local, provincial/territorial or federal legislation or regulations, but they are considered the standard to which aquatic facility operators should work towards in order to enhance safety within their operations and to prevent drowning and aquatic-related injury.

Branches help aquatic facility operators maintain and improve safe pool and waterfront operations. In response to requests, Branch representatives perform safety audits and provide expert testimony in legal cases involving aquatic safety. Some Branches host aquatic safety symposiums for facility operators.


Bathing Apparel Standard – Sept 2017

Epinephrine Auto-injector Standard – Sept 2017

Medical Conditions Standard – Sept 2017

Signage Standard – April 2017

Do Not Resuscitate Standard – May 2016

Hyperventilation and Breath Holding – May 2016

Extreme Weather – Lightning Standard – May 2016

Lifeguard Age – April 2012

Lifeguard Certification – April 2012

Emergency and Operating Procedures – April 2012

Emergency Telephone – April 2012


Rope Swing Installation Standard – Sept 2017

Recreational Use of 3 Metre Diving Board Standard – May 2016

Safety Equipment Standard – May 2016

Pool Operator Training Standard – May 2016

Pool Contamination Standard – May 2016

Bather Admission – March 2015

Breastfeeding in Swimming Pools – March 2015

Bather-to-Lifeguard Ratios – April 2012

Lighting Levels – April 2012

Water Clarity – April 2012

Swimming Pool Basin Colour – April 2012

Entrapment and Suction Hazards – April 2012

Diving Depths – April 2012

Records – April 2012

Safety Supervision During Instructional Periods – April 2012

Lifeguard Chair Specifications – April 2012