The NLS Waterfront option builds on the fundamental skills, knowledge, and values taught in the NLS Core course to train lifeguards in safety supervision and rescue in a waterfront environment.

Prerequisites: 16 years old, Bronze Cross (need not be current), and current Standard First Aid Certification OR another NLS option (need not be current).

Evaluation: Items marked with an asterisk (*) are instructor-evaluated. Where applicable, examiners may evaluate any or all of these items, at their discretion.

Use of equipment: Wetsuits and goggles may be used throughout the course. Fins may be used where indicated in the test item notes.

Test items:

  1. * Through practical activities, wherever possible, demonstrate an understanding of how to analyze a waterfront and how this analysis affects lifeguarding.
  2. * Establish effective supervision of an aquatic facility using:
    1. Observation skills and scanning techniques
    2. Positioning and rotation
  3. * Demonstrate effective use of a paddleboard or other rescue craft.
  4. * Demonstrate use of skin-diving skills and equipment (mask, fins and snorkel), including the following basic skills:
    • Surfacing under control with a mask full of water
    • Clearing water from a snorkel
    • Demonstrating a surface dive
  5. * Demonstrate an effective search for a missing person, in a defined waterfront area.
  6. * Demonstrate three entries and three removals that are appropriate for a waterfront environment
  7. * Run 100 m with a rescue aid, enter the water, and swim a 100 m approach to recover a victim of your same size and weight. Tow the victim to shore in 5—6 minutes, depending on the water conditions.
  8. Respond to an emergency situation as a single lifeguard or as a member of a lifeguard team.