The National Lifeguard Service® (NLS) Instructor course prepares candidates to teach and evaluate NLS courses. Candidates learn specific strategies designed to train lifeguards in advanced rescue techniques, public relations issues and first aid, as well as how to present material that will prepare lifeguards for any major aspect of supervising the public in an aquatic setting.

Prerequisites: Vary by Branch.

Evaluation: All items are evaluated by a Lifesaving NLS instructor trainer.

Test items:

  1. Use teaching and evaluation approaches suitable for the items in the NLS award.
  2. List the roles and responsibilities of the NLS instructor and examiner.
  3. Describe the format and structure of the National Lifeguard Award Guide.
  4. Use Alert: Lifeguarding in Action as a teaching resource.
  5. Use the National Lifeguard Award Guide to organize the course content into a suitable format and to design the NLS course schedule.
  6. Teach effectively the communication sections of the NLS award.
  7. Describe and apply evaluation methods suitable for the NLS award.
  8. Complete test sheets and other administrative tasks pertaining to the NLS award.