The Lifesaving Society conducts drowning research to support its work in the prevention of water-related injuries and fatalities. The collection and analysis of data provides an information base for the development of programs, safety promotion strategies and drowning prevention strategies. The information also provides an educational tool and information base for the Society’s customers and instructors, governments, other organizations and the general public.

Conducting annual drowning research enables the Society to focus its Water Smart® drowning prevention efforts on people most at risk (like men fishing in small boats) or those who can make a significant difference (such as parents of young children).

2017 National Drowning Reports


The National Drowning Report, 2017 Edition

2016 National Drowning Reports

PDFThe National Drowning Report, 2016 Edition

PDFAlberta Drowning Report 2016

PDFBC Drowning Report 2016

PDFManitoba Drowning Report 2016

PDFMaritimes Drowning Report 2016

PDFNewfoundland & Labrador Drowning Report 2016

PDFOntario Drowning Report 2016

PDFSaskatchewan Drowning Report 2016

2015 National Drowning Report

PDFThe National Drowning Report, 2015 Edition

2014 National Drowning Reports

News Release

PDFBC Drowning Report – 2014

PDFMaritimes Drowning Report – 2014

PDFManitoba Drowning Report – 2014

PDFNewfoundland & Labrador Drowning Report – 2014

PDFNorthern Canada Drowning Report – 2014

PDFOntario Drowning Report – 2014

PDFQuebec Drowning Reoprt – 2014

PDFSaskatchewan Drowning Report – 2014

2013 National Drowning Report

PDFThe National Drowning Report, 2013 Edition

2012 National Drowning Report

PDFThe National Drowning Report, 2012 Edition

2011 National Drowning Report

Webinar, June 20, 2011 12-1 EDT

PDFThe National Drowning Report, 2011 Edition

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Archived Drowning Reports

The Lifesaving Society’s National Drowning Report is available in PDF. Also available are the National Boating Fatalities Report and Boating Fatalities Special Report.


The National Drowning Report 2000, Edition

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National Boating Fatalities Report, 2003 Edition


Boating Fatalities Special Report, 2000 Edition


Archived National Drowning Trends Report

In recent years, the Society has been analyzing research data to determine drowning trends on which to base our programs, safety promotions and drowning prevention strategies. The following PDF files provide access to the current National Drowning Trends Reports.

PDFNational Drowning Trends 1992-2001


National Drowning Trends 1991-2000


National Drowning Trends Report – Trends since 1990