Water Smart® Options

Every year, the Lifesaving Society compiles statistics on water-related deaths in Canada. We also hear many rescue stories through our Rescue Awards program. So we know that drownings and near-drownings happens to people of all ages and backgrounds, and to both genders.

Canadians drown while involved in a wide range of activities, and in a variety of aquatic settings that range from rivers to backyard pools. And many times, the victims don’t even intend to be in the water: they are simply playing near the water, boating or snowmobiling.

Research has shown that people, especially children, can drown in seconds and in just a few centimeters of water. The leading factors in water-related deaths are alcohol consumption and not wearing a PFD.

The Lifesaving Society knows that these are preventable drownings and water-related injuries. We urge you and your family members to “know before you go” by taking a lifesaving course (see the Lifesaving Programs section or contact your Branch for more information). In the meantime, learn and use these tips to protect yourself and those around you.