The Alberta & Northwest Territories Branch at a Glance:

Serving You in Your Community

About the Alberta & Northwest Territories Branch

Location and Contact Information

13123-156 Street
Edmonton, Alberta  T5V 1V2
Tel: 780-415-1755

President of the Branch
Bo Wolski

Branch Representative on the National Board of Directors
Bo Wolski

Chief Administrative Officer
Barbara Costache


What the Alberta & Northwest Territories Branch Offers

For detailed information on the programs, services, products and activities listed below, go to the Alberta & Northwest Territories Branch website.

Training Programs

  • Comprehensive continuum of education and training programs for all ages
  • Swimming, first aid, lifesaving, lifeguarding and sport
  • Emergency and Standard First Aid including CPR, AED , HCP and oxygen administration
  • Leadership Programs – instructor, instructor trainer, examiner, branch trainer and lifesaving sport coach and official
  • Safety management for aquatic facility administrators, inspectors and auditors
  • Education & Proficiency Programs – Preschool Proficiency, SwimAbilities Proficiency, Lifeguard Fitness Skills, Lifesaving Skin-diving, Amenity Attendant, Shallow Water Attendant, Beach Attendant
  • Boating safety – Boat Operator Accredited Training™, boat rescue for first responders and swift water rescue

National Lifeguard

  • National Lifeguard ~ pool, waterpark, waterfront and surf
  • National Lifeguard Instructor Training
  • National Lifeguard Member Insurance
  • Provincial/territorial database of certified lifeguards

Water Safety Education

  • Water Smart® Community Activations, including National Drowning Prevention Week
  • Water Smart® Toolkit (electronic and print materials, display)
  • Buddy the Lifeguard Dog mascot (available for temporary loan to Affiliates)
  • Lifejacket Loaner Station Program
  • Ice safety tips and guidelines

Aquatic Safety Management, Legal and Insurance Support

  • National standards and interpretation of provincial/territorial regulation
  • Safety audits and inspections for aquatic facilities
  • Support to Affiliate members in case of major incidents or drowning in supervised environment
  • Consultant experts for aquatic facilities design and operation
  • Expert witnesses and legal precedents


  • Drowning Prevention Research Centre Canada
  • Reports on drowning in Canada, Alberta and the Northwest Territories
  • National database of drownings

Lifesaving Sport

  • Information about, and training for competitions
  • Junior Lifeguard Program
  • Lifesaving Clubs
  • Long-term athlete development guidelines
  • Provincial and Canadian competitions
  • Competition sanctioning
  • International competitions
  • Coach and official training

Aquatic Activity and Safety Products

  • The Shop online ordering for public education, first aid, training and rescue equipment including:
      • ACTAR training systems
      • Prestan professional manikins and sport equipment
      • Course materials, DVDs
      • Water Smart® materials
      • Merchandise and clothing

Volunteer Experience

  • Branch Board of Directors and various advisory councils and technical committees
  • As instructors, instructor trainers, examiners, and lifesaving sport coaches and officials
  • Public Education and Water Smart campaign events

Affiliated Lifesaving Organizations, Member Services and Partners

  • International lifesaving organizations (International Life Saving Federation and Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth)
  • Member services and Find-a-Member database
  • Partners, sponsors and Affiliates, including Affiliate recognition awards and postings of jobs, courses and volunteer opportunities
  • Spring Symposium
  • Fall Forum
  • Investiture
  • AGM and Branch Recognition Awards
  • Sport governing organizations

Publications, Media Releases and Position Statements

  • Alberta & Northwest Territories Annual Report
  • Communique and Ripples newsletters
  • Canadian Drowning Report
  • Alberta Drowning Report
  • Northern Canada Drowning Report
  • Training program manuals and test materials
  • Lifesaving sport competition manuals
  • Media releases
  • Position statements

Some Alberta & Northwest Territories Branch Numbers

Participants in the training programs: over 250,000

Branch website visitors: 102,903 (2015-2016); Facebook site posts: 421 (2015-2016); Twitter followers: 903 (2015-2016)

Athletes from Alberta participating in the international lifesaving championships (Sanyo Bussan = 3) (2015 European Tour = 7) (Rescue 2016 = 8)

Championships hosted: 1 national pool championship (June 2015) and 1 provincial/territorial (March 2016)

Estimated number of drownings in Alberta and Northwest Territories in 2015: 17