The New Brunswick Branch at a Glance:

Serving You in Your Community

About the New Brunswick Branch

Location and Contact Information
34-55 Whiting Road
Fredericton, New Brunswick  E3B 5Y5
Tel: 506-455-5762

President of the Branch
Stephen Hanlon

Branch Representative on the National Board of Directors
Doug Trentowsky

Chief Executive Officer
Doug Ferguson


What the New Brunswick Branch Offers

For detailed information on the programs, services, products and activities listed below, go to the New Brunswick Branch website.

Training Programs

  • Swimming, Junior Lifeguard Club, lifesaving and lifeguarding
  • First aid, including CPR and AED (automated external defibrillator)
  • Instructor, instructor trainer and examiner
  • Safety management for aquatic supervisors
  • Boating safety

National Lifeguard

  • National standards for pool, waterpark, waterfront and surf
  • Provincial database of certified lifeguards

Water Safety Education

  • Water Smart® campaigns, including National Drowning Prevention Week
  • “Fire Alarm” campaign

Aquatic Safety Management, Legal and Insurance Support

  • National standards and interpretation of provincial regulations


  • Drowning Prevention Research Centre Canada
  • Report on drowning in Canada
  • National database of drownings

Lifesaving Sport

  • Information about, and training for competitions
  • Provincial and Canadian competitions
  • International competitions
  • Lifesaving/Sauvetage Canada

Aquatic Activity and Safety Products

  • Web page, in collaboraton with Aquam Aquatic Specialist, to purchase lifesaving, first aid and aquatic competition products and clothing

Volunteer Experience

  • On the Branch board of directors and committees
  • As instructors, trainers and examiners

Affiliated Lifesaving Organizations, Member Services and Partners

  • International lifesaving organizations (International Life Saving Federation and Royal Life Saving Society Commonwealth)
  • Member services
  • Partners, sponsors and Affiliates, including Affiliate recognition awards and job postings
  • Sport governing organizations

Publications, Media Releases and Position Statements

  • New Brunswick Annual Report
  • Canadian Drowning Report
  • Maritimes Drowning Report
  • Training program manuals and test materials
  • Lifesaving sport competition manuals
  • Media releases
  • Position statements


Some New Brunswick Branch Numbers

Participants in the training programs: over 8,600

Lifesaving sport championships hosted: 1 provincial in August 2013

Estimated number of drownings in New Brunswick in 2015: 7