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June 14 2023 - A beautiful day on the water can quickly grow dark

The Lifesaving Society, with funding from Transport Canada, is proud to announce the launch of its new awareness campaign on alcohol consumption and proper behavior on water. This joint initiative aims to encourage boaters to enjoy their water activities in a responsible and safe manner.

Boating and water activities are popular and cherished pastimes for many Canadians. However, excessive alcohol consumption can increase the risk of accidents and jeopardize the lives of boaters. According to data from the Lifesaving Society, alcohol is a factor in over 30% of annual drownings in Quebec. As the mercury rises the last few weeks, many Quebecers will be tempted to cool off. With the goal of promoting safety and compliance with regulations, this campaign focuses on the importance of making responsible choices regarding alcohol consumption and respecting navigation rules.

The Quebec Lifesaving Society has once again collaborated with Lg2, its partner for the past 13 years, for this new summer campaign aimed at raising awareness among Quebecers about the consequences of not respecting nautical safety rules. The chosen powerful approach is intended to be effective in bringing about real behaviour changes. The goal is to raise awareness among the population, especially the 18-34 age group, by illustrating the impacts of not following nautical safety rules. If you don't do it for yourself, do it for your friends.

The campaign is now available on the Lifesaving Society's Facebook social network. It will also be nationally broadcasted on various provincial division pages and partner platforms. As a prevention organization, the Lifesaving Society is committed to promoting water safety and raising public awareness about the risks associated with alcohol consumption, and it is dedicated to promoting responsible consumption.

We invite all boaters, water activity enthusiasts, and the general public to join us in this critical initiative. By adopting responsible behaviors and exercising caution, we can all contribute to making our waterways safer and preventing avoidable accidents.

For any additional information or interview requests, please contact:

Raynald Hawkins, General Manager, Lifesaving Society, Quebec Division