Lifesaving Sport

Athletes Council

The Athletes Council is the collective voice of high performance lifesaving athletes in Canada. It is a forum for high-performance athletes with representation from all Lifesaving Society Canada Branches and the National Team. As the liaison between the National Sport Commission and lifesaving athletes, the Athletes Council works to provide input into the decisions made by the National Sport Commission and Lifesaving Canada Board of Directors.

The Athletes Council carries out the following responsibilities:

  1. Actively represent the interests of high-performance athletes.
  2. Encourage representation from all Branches and the men’s and women’s National Team.
  3. Provide assistance to Branches with setting up a system to select the Branch Athlete Representative.
  4. Facilitate communications among and with high-performance athletes on topics of mutual concern and interest.
  5. Provide input to the development of lifesaving sport in Canada.
  6. Develop annual objectives.
  7. Recognize the performance of committee members.
  8. Operate projects within pre-set budget limits.
  9. Develop motions for consideration by the National Sport Commission and Lifesaving Society Canada Board of Directors.

To reach out to the current Athlete Representative, contact the National office.