Lifesaving Sport

Lifesaving World Championships

Lifesaving sport was primarily intended to encourage lifesavers to develop, maintain and improve the essential physical and mental skills needed to save lives in the aquatic environment. Lifesaving competitions consist of a variety of competitions to further develop and demonstrate lifesaving skills, fitness and motivation.

The ILS Lifesaving World Championships are conducted every 2 years, showcasing excellence in lifesaving sports and rescue; attracting the most talented and skilled lifesaving athletes to compete for the title of World’s best. It is an opportunity to profile the lifesaving movement, the important role it plays as an emergency service and highlight our members’ contribution to community.

In 2018 the Board of the International Life Saving Federation [ILS] voted unanimously in its support for Riccionne, Italy to host the 2020 Lifesaving World Championships.