About Us


The Right Honourable Governor General of Canada

Active Members
The Active Members of the Lifesaving Society consist of an appointed representative from each Branch who attend all general and special meetings of the Active Members and vote on behalf of the Branch.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of individuals elected or appointed by the Active Members. The current board members and their positions are as follows:

  • Martin Forcier, President
  • Sanjeev Lal, Treasurer
  • Gary Nolan – Corporate Secretary
  • John Bankes, National Governor
  • Peter Fox, Director BC & Yukon
  • Barb Costache, Director Alberta & Northwest Territories
  • Rick Stilling, Director Saskatchewan
  • Kayla Saarinen, Director Manitoba
  • Andrea Herrmann, Director Ontario & Nunavut
  • Pierre Tabah, Director Quebec
  • Kayla Leary-Pinch, Director Nova Scotia
  • Halbert Pratt, Director Prince Edward Island
  • David Dumont, Director New Brunswick
  • Susan Quigley, Director Newfoundland & Labrador

Each province or territory of Canada is administered by a Branch. The Branch represents the Canadian Lifesaving Society with all provincial and territorial organizations, the Society’s provincial and territorial affiliates, individual members and the general public. The Branch also serves as the official liaison with the provincial and territorial governments and their agencies.

Each Branch provides the Society’s programs, products and services to the general public and to Lifesaving Society members throughout its geographical jurisdiction.

To contact your provincial/territorial Branch, click the Contact Us tab.

National Office
The National Office provides administrative and technical support for the Society’s programs, products and services as well as overseeing the daily operations of the Lifesaving Society. To contact the National Office, click the Contact Us tab.